Our Toolkit

These are our tools, our expertise, that we will bring to you to help you deliver on your objectives and deadlines.

Benefit administration and calculations

Our skill in administering both defined benefit and defined contribution arrangements including complex hybrid schemes, for all lifecycle events of a member.


Calculating benefits on divorce, annual allowance “scheme pays” events, leaving service, transfers out, retirement and death.  Preparing data for actuarial valuations and benefit statement productions. 


Administration exercises such as pension increase exchange and enhanced transfer value exercises. 

Secretariat services for the Trustee Board and their committees

Our experience in preparing agendas and papers, co-ordinating external adviser papers, making arrangements for meetings, preparing minutes of meetings, managing and delivering follow up actions.


Building scheme libraries of essential documents for trustees and scheme managers. 

 Data reconciliations and rectifications 

Benefit specifications

Our experience in combing data for absent and erroneous data, rectifying data from historic records and rebuilding defined contribution data.

Our expertise in preparing technical specifications of benefit calculations for developers and calculation test packs. 


Building test rigs to test programmed calculations and user acceptance testing.

Member communications

Our 'know how' in developing standard letters and statements for use by administration teams, preparing benefit statements, pension increase notifications, member nominated trustee nomination processes, newsletters and annual reports. 


Holding 1:1 member meetings, clinics and presentations for members.

Implementing the Pensions Regulator’s codes of practice

Our competence in reviewing existing practices against the Pensions Regulator's codes of practice and guidance, proposing changes to practices to increase efficiency & compliance, building case workload systems to inform management and trustees of how their administration is performing.

Pensions training days for pensions administrators, HR, payroll, finance teams and trustees

Our expertise in developing and delivering bespoke training tailored to the requirements of individual pension schemes.

 System upgrades and implementations 

Our proficiency in planning and preparation for system upgrades, building test packs, running user acceptance testing. 


Data conversions from one system to another – specification, conversions and testing.